Monetization & Growth of Video Advertising


  • growth is partly due to an increase in long-form video
  • digital video is increasingly monetized like broadcast tv
  • because viewers value the content, they’re willing to view more ads to see that content
  • video ad views are growing at a faster rate than video views
  • mobile device growth: iPad and Android platforms is growing at the expense of the iPod / iPod Touch
  • ad volume has grown over time, but completion rates have remained stable

See link below for complete PDF report, including graphs.



Originally publishedby FreeWheelhttp://www.freewheel.tv/docs/FreeWheelMonetizationReport_Q3_2011.pdf compliments of Cynthia Boris http://www.marketingpilgrim.com/2011/12/video-ad-are-increasing-and-so-are-the-views.html


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